What is Studio A?

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Studio A was started by Anastacia Wagner, a hair stylist and color genius with a flair for finding the best individual style for each person. Now, Anastacia works behind the chair to help women reinvent their look, freshen up their style and walk with their head held high. It’s all about giving each woman the confidence to look and feel her best when she leaves Studio A.

Who Is Anastacia?

View More: http://jenn-wagner.pass.us/studioa

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The moment you knew you wanted to be a stylist:
The moment I figured out how to color my Barbie’s hair with nail polish.

Favorite experience behind the chair:
The moment someone sees their true natural beauty in the form of art.

Curly or straight?

When do you let your hair down (how do you relax and unwind)?
Sipping a glass of coppola claret and watching my latest Netflix obsession

Favorite quote/mantra/motivational saying:
Courage is the mastery of fear; not the absence of fear

Currently swooning over:
Olaplex! Now you can repair hair and prevent future damage every time you color. It’s amazing.

Favorite guilty pleasure:
Chocolate chip cookies

Most proud hairstyling moment:
Winning a spot to style at New York fashion week

Who do you look up to?
My Grandmothers. They are both incredibly strong hard working women.

Career ambition:
Everything!!! I am always excited to elevate myself to the next step. I’m a firm believer that education is the foundation to success.

Best color tip:
Don’t do it yourself

What’s fashion week like?
Like watching a Broadway show come to life. I loved being at the core of upcoming trends and watching my work walk down the runway. Awe inspiring.

Are you a Tucson native?
I was born in Tucson but spent my younger years in southern Illinois

Salon must-have’s (what do you need to have in your salon to work your best?):
Of course all things Sexy Hair. Beth Mirnardi Signature Color and my latest obsession, Olaplex.

Biggest inspiration :
My beautiful amazing thoughtful children