balayage colour


Dull color comes to life when you add color – but not just any type will do. With balayage will have you turning heads whenever you enter a room. This unique style of color gives you a soft, natural looking highlight your hair that’s more modern than traditional coloring methods.

More About Balayage

In French, “balayage” means “to sweep.” If you’ve ever had Balayage hair coloring or you’ve ever seen it done in a salon, you’ll understand why. When we balayage color onto your hair, we’re literally sweeping the color across small sections onto foil or boards. The goal? To give you a more natural look of sun-kissed highlights throughout your hair.

Balayge Tucson

Balayage Hair Tucson

Balayage highlights in tucson

Why balayage instead of traditional color?

If you’re the no-nonsense type of girl who wants her hair to look great without hassling with it, this is technique is for you. There’s no maintenance, no fuss, and no streaks. When you’ll leave our salon, you’ll leave with stunning hair color that looks naturally beautiful.

Take a comfortable seat in our chair. Sip on coffee or water as we transform your hair from boring to balayage.